This web site and its attachments, are founded on the premise of pacifism and pluralism, with a skeptic and even iconoclastic view of superstition in its every insidious guise and masquerades. Those who embrace and implement these values, will be truly happy, in peace and even immortal in the hearts and minds of the ones they reach out to. Others will be missing a unique opportunity to earn their names as a true member of the human family, for, these qualities differentiate man from beast. I wish them happiness and a second chance.

Just ponder the thoughts.

I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.


The following topics will be discussed and constantly reviewed and amended on this site. Whether through feedback, review, expansion, updates, or due to my own hastily and shoddy proofread, there is no doubt that there will be room for improvements, enhancements, and fine tuning during its first few months of this fourth publication.

To this, I look forward and invite feedback while maintain an open mind for productive comments and criticism, in fact at times I provoke criticism as I believe it is the most effective means of introspection. My purpose?
1-Detach from that which clutters the mind and does not belong.
2-Revisit and revive the true and much needed values of substance which are lost along the way even if we don't know it.
3-A scant attempt to replace misguidance and established dogma with lucidity, and common nonsense with common sense.

Can we fly away from happiness to blissfullness ?

Happiness is a rush, it is meaningless without sadness, it is relative and quantitative, but peace is universal, timeless and enduring with no ups and downs or quality. It is equality, a state of inner health and sanity. So I wish peace for the humanity as the ultimate bliss above all comparisons and dualities, rushes and challenges.

I believe,question and wish.

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For more in depth readings on following subjects please refer to my linked page.
The following paragraphs are brief accounts of the topics outlined in the list of content (left column).

1.The age-old philosophy. Philosophy is the mother of all study tools for man to gain insight into his own identity and discover his own perception and interpretation of reality and the physical universe around him. To me, philosophy is a rich repository of mythical and real events endowed with interpretations and studies of men of substance, from Socrates to Russell and Wittgenstein, as they saw, felt and interacted with the experience of living.
It is fascinating to learn that while each individual's living environment and background is profoundly different to the others, their heartfelt experiences and the message they attempt to hit home is stunningly similar. And what would that be? Pluralism and Love as the bedrock of the universe.

A loving heart is the truest wisdom.

Charles Dickens

.2.The not yet science of psychology can be revealed only through the psychology of science.
Psychology has in recent years opened up new horizons towards complex and exciting mysteries of man's psyche. A better and richer knowledge of man and his behavior, based on social, cultural, environmental, genetic or the all encompassing archetypal make up and configuration is now possible more than ever before.

The ground breaking work of C.G Jung. in identifying a universal mode of function and behaviour, independent of nurturing, and ubequitous in all living speciousc as common conciousness will provide the backbone to the understanding of the human psyche in years to come.

The profound experiences of psychological transformationa involved in the development of personality depends more on irrational than rational processes, and any psychology which failed to grant due honour to these processes would be a betrayal of mankind.


Zoo:An excellent place to study the habits of human beings.

Eva Esar.
.3.Ethics, can convention replace conception?.
The title of ethics can be very inflammatory as well as subjective and judgmental. According to Wittgenstein it " thus can not be taught or learned", let alone enforced and implemented with any degree of realism.
In my experience, ethics, conscience, curtsy, and other such human introspective subjectivity and characteristics are hugely innate, and while must be encouraged in a socially acceptable direction, they ultimately default to the individual's discretion and are implemented at the level considered fit by each person. The individual's ultimate judgment call, while strongly influenced by his characteristic idiosyncrasies, is also somewhat colored by his compiled database of information, experiences and social regulations and constraints.

Character peculiarities are known to be individual, immutable (except for marginal modifications according to growth and needs toward mild empirical development) and inborn. Unfortunately, many social myopia make an unbiased assessment and evaluation of ethical issues rather impossible.

Morality is the herd-instinct in the individual.


4.Music, a wave of feelings from within.
For those of us who enjoy music, from classical to light to rock and pop alike, an experience of connection with a deeper and more comforting feeling which invariably brings us peace and tranquilly is no stranger.
In this restless world of punishing pace which constantly erodes away at the connections with our true self sometimes to the point of total alienation, music can provide a powerful medium for damage control and still staying in touch, and that is music to my ears.

.5.Unfortunately, politics is an integral part of our lives.
Many of our lives has been either profoundly changed or altered to various degree by politics one way or the other, be it a parliamentary decision on taxes, social safety nets or revolutions to dethrone tyrants or servants.
For all the power and impact that politics can and does inflicts and exercise and with its huge intended and targeted audience of the world population, the definition of the word remains obscure. Oxford and Cambridge universities offer a course called PPE(Philosophy, Psychology and Economics), a first or second class honors degree in PPE has been so far responsible for at least 40 prime ministerial positions in the British parliaments. Add self-serving interpretation, manipulation, oppression and exploitation to various degrees and guises and we may be at a good point to start understanding what politics is all about.(The U.S.A, is 1.4 billion dollars - 1996 figures - in arrears with their dues to the United Nations, their excuse?-disagreement with some of its policies)-- maybe the best way of defining the word polytics is by its two components of "poly" meaning many in latin, and "tics", a blood sucking parasite.

Unfortunately in Washington ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad name.


.6.The computer fission, a deep human vocation.
The overwhelming proliferation of computer phenomenon is a lot more than just the product of the next natural step in technological progress. Even a lucrative market can not explain its explosion like development and spread, though these two elements foster congenial incubation for a more important kernel, an essence deep within, which is suddenly evoked (the fact that almost all non- professional computer users spend far more money on computers than what they would ever hope to make by using it, is a case in point)
Many of us don't even realize that there is a much more powerful force at work, a predisposition in every person to realize their potentials
In my opinion, computers with their enormous personal communication possibilities are the manifestation of man's innate propensity to excel, the right vehicle to extend himself beyond the geographic limits and bounds and reach out further into the domain always alive and well in his thoughts but unattainable and dormant till now. A new wave to ride out of his stifling silence, frustration and loneliness, to communicate, share and access, to learn, teach, create and clash with other opinions and minds, to change, be changed and make a difference. The younger generations grow up with it ,their parents discover, value and apply it like the long lost important piece of the jigsaw which they didn't even know existed.
The extent of progress in this endeavor again depends on the individual's commitment and the fire within to excel and contribute, for, the possibilities in this realm are as diverse as the Human nature itself.

Computers can figure out all sorts of problems, Except the things in the world that just don't add up.

James Magary

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7.Can we ever understand the universe.
The understanding of universe can not be differentiated from our knowledge of its lesser complex and significantly more accessible components such as human brain, genetics, matter and the origin of man just to name a few.
Discoveries and disclosure of the recent years have not only made great advances in the understanding of the universe but more importantly obliterated the old rehashed theories concerning the age and possibility of other life forms within the universe as we know it.
Ironically while life flourishes on earth, the earth's closest neighboring planet contains water, in our almost immediate vicinity Saturn and Jupiter's moons Titan and Europa respectively have the potential to support life, and with now official announcement by NASA ( press conference, Johnson center Aug.96) confirming the evidence of early life on Mars in a Martian meteorite in the form of organic tar and chemicals constituting the proof of at least primitive life forms within our own small domain, still a vast majority of scientists hammer home the uniqueness theory.

If we are its sole inhabitants, universe seems an awful waist.

Carl Sagan ....Attrib.

8.Genetic science, as yet, a sketchy presentation of the fully rendered blueprint of man.
With Dolly now being the most celebrated sheepish celebrity in the world, once again genetic science has become a very hot subject or a new north American fad in the popular science category.
However, it didn't take long before broken and outright cries regarding animal cloning practices of some sort or another were heard from four corners of the world , suggesting that each culprit scientist with a guilty conscience was waiting for their peers to come out of the closet first, particularly when after a safe dust settling period, it was clear that the rewards, publicity, and the ensuing potential sponsorships galore would by far outweigh few regressive attacks expectedly from the all too familiar self-proclaimed curators and proprietors of the divine, fortunately to no avail.

There is no doubt that the genetic science will continue to be the most exiting and progressive field of cell and molecular biology and engineering into the next millennium. Major contributions will come from the project Genome and other international scientific communities.

If unhampered by special disinterest in any progress groups, genetic research and developments will continue to serve man by unraveling the mysteries of the human's intricate functionality and provide solution and cure to many fundamental questions, diseases and disorders.

It will remain to be seen with very eager eyes what role the genetic science will play in shedding light on molecules that run behind the scene, those responsible for organization and management of the genes into functionality, even those responsible for emotions, love, fear, sorrow, conscience, maybe the answer is hidden in the ninety percent genetic enigma which is as yet totally unknown and dubbed Junk genes.

9."Simple cell"- the biggest oxymoron of modern science.
Dubbed by the founder of the theory of evolution in a naive and shortsighted approach, a cell is everything but simple. We can not condemn or condone Sir Charles Darwin for misleading us for all these years as in his time the cell was only defined by its two membranes, cytoplasm and a nucleus containing strands of chromosomes identified by their effect on transference of some hereditary characteristics, today we create artificial chromosomes which are a blend of natural and synthetic chromosomes. That was long before genetic science took off, way back before Watson and Crick’s double helix of DNA molecule was presented and way way back from today's technology when a molecular rotor motor only one nanometer across rotating anti clockwise inside a barrel of ten nanometer thick known as protein molecule F1-ATPase was videotaped as the proof of yet another one of many components of cell metabolism.
The above synopses indicates unknown and significant forces and mysteries of nature. It seems that as we further explore and discover, there are more question than answers. Darwin’s rudimentary knowledge of cell did not stop him from referring to one of the most complex biological phenomenon as simple. Over one hundred years later and many thousand times more able and wiser we stand in awe and submission to the amazing complexity of life and the daunting task and challenge of unfolding it ahead.

10.Fascinating nature, a gift, wrapped in a shroud of mystery, is yours to discover.
Only as early as fifteen years ago, the scientific community estimated the
total number of animal species on earth as around five thousand, today a
Swedish research team of two students, have discovered sixteen hundred (and counting.) different species of beetles in small corner of the rain forest alone. To even fathom to attach any realistic number to all living creatures on earth can be as far from reality as Darwin's reference of simple cell.

My fascination with nature in terms of complexity, diversity, order and
symbiotic harmony of all life forms has positioned me on a collision course with all popular scientific theories and conventional wisdom,.but who cares, I am not a scientist, just curious, with common sense, and an open and probing mind which does not accept unless understood and convinced, no matter how authentic the messenger. This is an area which best serves my skeptic and iconoclastic nature as well as helping to create a receptive environment for rebuttal, in a way I provoke and invite criticism to draw order out of chaos, as it is only through clash of ideas and opinions that the most powerful ones prevail. For now however its a classic case of "you be the judge" after hearing the evidence that I will share with you herein.

The truth is not out there its right here and in the pudding (the X-posed files)
refer to more in-depth discussions on my link page.

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A personal view

Part 1.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

This is a personal web site and I have made it every bit up front and personal. It is very refreshing to realize that one can exchange information and share one's opinion, ideas and inferences on matters of mutual interests particularly when cast in stone and conventionally infallible general beliefs, even scientific issues can be boldly contested and discussed by an amateur. In this case one with relentless curiosity, insatiable appetite for knowledge, probative nature and unyielding commitment to common sense, yet unbiased and open minded for accommodating fresh new ideas, updates and complements to the existing ones or even radically rethinking of issues if need be.
For start I have never been seduced by the aphrodisiac of strength in numbers, Throughout the history in almost every facet of life, man has been trapped by the magnetism of majorities and the charisma and insidious coercion of the power mongers through euphoric rhetorics and subtle if not blatent exertions or even brute force.

The task of seeing clearly through this virtual reality, created by the opium of majority and its seductive obscuring haze of populous consent is not the domain of the naive and gullible or the too conservative to rock the boat, make a splash or even attempt to see beyond the status quo.

The terms " going with the flow " and " if not broken why fix it" have gathered special meanings and become household names,. particularly, in the areas where opinions and not conclusive proof is deemed as the only supporting argument, messengers of radical changes and ideas, if not tamed pacified or stifled by the mass beliefs, are considered as rouges and are ignored at best even persecuted.

While the attraction and charm of the mainstream science has been less than hospitable to legitimate alternative look at science, and review and rethinking of major scientific issues even in the light of new and conclusive evidence was and still is to a degree a taboo, those who stood up and persevered are the ones who made a difference by carrying the frontiers of science, shouldering the burden of proof in an uphill battle against the incumbent enemy of established dogma.

But if this is not enough, to further dissipate the positive energy of the progressive science there is more. It has become almost a norm that the least qualified, claim to possess a solution for all problems. This may be acceptable as a character flaw on a personal level but should not be allowed and enforced as a standard model for social behavior, baseline of morality and guarantor of prosperity lack of which would result in demise an downfall of societies through immoral conduct and the all encompassing and loaded term “Sin”.

It is curious if not disturbing to witness that while eminent scientists candidly and graciously include the phrase "we don't know" as a recurring theme in their vocabulary as they explore the mysteries of the universe even in their own specialized area of science, another social group devoid of any scientific credential, with historically disastrous if not criminal treatment of progressive science and scientists, offer categorical answers and guidelines for every conceivable problem and mystery ranging from origin of man and the universe to the most personal and social issues such as marriage and intimacy, sometimes with graphic details and certitude, capitalizing on their claims of unique clout on the premise of divine providence and intervention.

While disconcerting and sad, it is not entirely surprising to witness a greater audience being drawn by this group than the former, both in numbers and even commitment. The upshot of such social dichotomy has no doubt a retarding and detrimental effect on the young minds as to who to believe or how to marry secular science with the marketed heavenly omniscience invariably in direct conflict.

The exposure is particularly damaging during the early years of growth and development when there is more tendency towards blind faith and acceptance rather than understanding, and from there like other embodiments of bad habits into our memories, it will become hard to dispel deep seethed information acquired through people one respects, trusts, loves and even idolizes, be it through direct learning or environmental conditioning and association. It is hard even for the more mature to wed radically diverse statements of "pray the lord for miracle cure" and "there is no miracle in medicine" as noted by one of the most knowledgeable and respected medical doctors of this century.

Twisted or straight, a database of information is gradually compiled in our memories providing a baseline for all subsequent incoming information to be matched against it for authenticity and updates, the final verdict will be drawn from manipulation of the database's content for the most optimum solution to satisfy our needs as judged by the bearer. It is hard to imagine a database populated with misinformation could generate fresh and realistic assessment leading to a rational decision with optimum positive impact upon individual and society.

Part 2.

Culprit or casualty, you be the judge.

It seems painfully unfair to be the casualty of poor personal sense of consequent and judgment, sometimes with fatal implications with no choice or control over its causes be it the bad genes, misguiding immediate custodian in early life or corrupt unfit and insecure social environment, each and in some unfortunate cases all of which can muster serendipitously and innocently in the case of the same victim we call culprit. The worst news is that it is all over by the age of six before all of the above take their effects, and I don't know anybody who has any degree of control over their genes, selection of their parents and growing up environment during the crutial first six formative years of their lives.
However there is good news too and it can be a great news if given due diligence of sense and heed.
If individuals are pained, penalized and punished for their poor judgments of life situations randomly, unwillingly and unfairly imposed upon them through set of circumstances of nature and nurture before the age of six, the nurturing component of the scenario rests in the hands of the family and social custodians with potential power to shape and define it.
This implies and stresses the extreme importance of values and knowledge passed on to the younger generation as a solid foundation for building a truly correct and realistic database of information which would serve them as a building block for subsequent development of their ideas and sound baseline for their personal judgments, as well as a clear window to view the world through.

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To sum up:
It appears that what transpires as "us" is a product of genes and nurturing environment at large, we have no control over the formesr and none over the latter before the age of six by which time at least ninety percent of our character and personality is shaped, this suggests that we live in a deterministic world in which while we inherit the nature component of our beings by default, the nurture component remains in the hands of man himself.

It is therefore our common responsibility to identify the true vices of superficial self serving and materialistic mentality, ironically touted by the self proclaimed models of righteousness and claimant of divinity on earth. To unmask and expose stewards, stooges and marketers of superstition who profit from misguiding and corrupting the naïve and gullible who follow them sheepishly, and due to no fault of their own are in no position to ask the tough questions.

Separating the clutter from the substance, undoing the prolong and damaging inculcated conditioning in an effort to rehabilitate the innate and predisposed liberating human virtues is a task to reckon with, but well worth taking it on, as it paves the way to a pluralistic society, free of cults and superstition, where man-made deception with recipes for prosperity can no longer flourish and operate, where inherent timeless and universal values prevail and endure with profound and lasting effect on humanity as a whole and as the guarantor of our collective interests and prosperity.

The ultimate challenge of man in the years to come can be summed up as follows:

1.To discover and endear the true values in life that are universal, timeless and enduring.

2.To castoff the ballast and shackles of hypocrite social engineers and merchants of divine who are in the business of manufacturing guilt and exude sinners out of their simpleminded gullible and insecure victims while performing poorly as role models with unimpressive, regressive and dogmatic track records.

3.To truly reach out for those who are less fortunate than us due to a set of circumstances gone awry over which they had no control but must unfairly pay the price as double losers, sometimes with their lives.

4.To try to listen and understand instead of adopting an insensitive and judgmental approach toward even so called criminals as they are not the culprit but most likely the victims and social casualties.

5.To promote honesty and truthfulness not for the sake of rewards and promised fairy tail lifestyles, but because its departure compromises integrity and credibility and guarantees failure at personal level and ultimately society at large.

6.To downplay the importance of money as the solution provider for all ills, but as partial remedy for material problems only, and only if spent wisely and without the compromise of more important moral values, health and relationships. It is hardly desirable nor is it smart to irreversibly lose qualities of greater value to the human nature, spirit and his prosperity to aquire commodities of material values with seductive nature.

7.To replace arrogance, complacency, bigotry and coercion with humility, modesty, caring, sharing, conscience and curtsy. In my experience, a little understanding and tolerance can bring the best out of people and sometimes with surprising results.

8.To accept failure and crisis as natural and even necessary occurrences in helping us to realize our potential, challenge, our capacities for tolerance, detachment and independence, perseverance and recovery, an opportunity to value success and feel for the less fortunate, and remember that no epic success story has ever been written without the hero overcoming many obstacles, crises, and defeats before standing proud at the pinnacle of the success and glory. 

9-And above all, to value and embrace pluralism, condemn bias and prejudice and remember there will be no true happiness for any individual unless shared by all, let alone at the casualty of others, and remember that we did not bring anything into this world and take nothing away, what we have is only ours for the day, life is just an experience between the two unknowables, but every one of us can be immortalized even if for a short moment, in the minds and hearts of those to whom we reached out, brought joy to and shared their pains, with a hug, a word or a deed.

Fulfilling the above tasks is not only a challenge for the betterment of our own contemporary environment but a responsibility and obligation as intelligent beings on the planet earth and as a duty toward the future generations.

These are the qualities necessary and adequate for a self actualized person, a sign of wisdom maturity and dignity regardless of any social status, physical or financial endowment. The onus is particularly upon those of us who are blessed with these luxury cognative and spiritual values to contribute and make a difference in a world which has bestowed a larger piece of pie to some of us only to share it with other less fortunate and not to gluten at their cost. We can not claim to have served humanity well should we remiss in this endeavor.

Sa'di (1213-1291, shiraz, Iran), the great persian poet captured and capsulated the essence of the above passages in his immortal verses, etched indlibly in the head stone of the assembly hall of the United Nation's headquarter in Geneva.

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