We just don't know:

Living creatures and plants are made of billions of cells, while each cell is different from others in shape, size, properties and function, its location differentiates it even from its neighbor, some of these differences can be profound such as rapidly growing skin cell compared to elongated and stranded nerve cells or brain cells which remain constant in numbers throughout our lives, some cells such as red blood cells defy norms with longevity of only 120 days and lack of nucleus. Yet all cells are generated from one single cell through the process of multiple and successive division called Mitosis.

As a single cell multiplies, each one of the billion would recognize its location, shape, size, function, and would provide its own material to self construct and mature accordingly and position itself in the exact location functioning in harmony with others.(again as a hypothetical, shabby and a million times simplified real life scenario, imagine placing the three basic colors of red, green and blue on a canvas then just stand back and watch them to gradually come alive and emerge into the most beautiful picture you ever saw, always on the alert to repair itself when vandalized-I say no more)

How is this astonishing task accomplished with such precision within a single cell leading to a full fledged living creature or plant by manipulation and literal embodiment of amino acids into molecules of hormones, proteins and enzymes, with original building block of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, phosphate and traces of other minerals? we just don't know.

Molecular biology and genetic science is concentrating on only ten percent of the genes contained in chromosomes, when completely decoded it is hoped that a full human blue print as to its properties, disorders, diseases, functions and organization thereof will be fully revealed.

While this blue print primarily explain physical and chemical functions and properties of the study subjects, it precludes gaining insight into the human psyche, emotions and sentiments which is what makes us tick. However to fully understand the human emotions as well as machinery, our search must extend to the better part of our genes pool we naively dub junk genes, as for now and in terms of its functionality? we just don't know.

It is established that all the attributes of the human brain, account for only ten percent of its total capacity and potential while again we do not know what molecules are involved in manifestation of imagination, dreams, memory and other functions attributed to the brain.

This time however we are more reserved and refrain from calling it junky fat, as to the role and function of the other 90% of our brain ? we just don't know.

It is well established that the observed physical universe around us can only account for ten percent of the total mass of the universe, and this is the only explanation whereby the universal bodies and features can fly in the positions and order that they are. The other ninety percent while concealed, provides the backbone in supporting and maintaining the order and harmony in the universe. We call it the Black matter (different to the Black hole), but where is it and what is it? we just don't know.