Mystery genes, junk or jewel:

Packed into DNA molecules, genes constitute a coded package of instructions that defines a specific function or instruction, they can act independently or in combination, they can even migrate by jumping from each one of the twenty three of its encompassing chromosome to another and function within its molecule of DNA.

But genes only defines ten percent of the DNA, what about the other ninety percent you might ask?- The answer is -- we simply don't know, and to be even more naive, we dub them junk genes even though we cannot explain which molecules are involved and responsible for the body clock, heart beat, breathing, puberty, menopause even death, or how dreams and emotions tie into the equation.

It appears that major grounds remain to be covered even in the most advanced frontiers of science before man could detach himself with any degree of credibility from the prosaic carnal knowledge and comfortably delve into and understand the profound and intangible genre of human nature and behavior, namely the poetry of man, his emotions, spirituality, and love, that is the time when he would turn junk into jewel.