Spirituality is a profound and pathless personal experience, which estranges if sought after.

It enlightens a small corner of the "real", exposing the sources of fear and insecurity as baseless and unfounded personal afflictions, while redefining the meaning of true bliss through communion with the "whole" where good and bad, pain and pleasure, gain and loss, self and all else merge into one.

Spirituality is only possible through complete dispelling of external paths, suggestions and acts deemed conducive to such end.

No traditional, conventional, organized or new age belief practice or ritual can induce or facilitate spirituality, to the contrary, such pursuits preclude opportunities for introspective experiences and breed a shallow perception of spirituality and transcendence through imagery denial and self-hypnosis.

You may not bring spirituality upon yourself, it will come to you when susceptible, its momentous epiphany awakens from within, sometimes by subtle, sublime and ephemeral messages contained in diverse but mysteriously linked manifestations such as a painting, a line of poetry or music, a dream or just a serene corner of nature, or, through more austere and enduring stimuli, when all doors are closed and options exhausted feelings traumatized and hearts broken.

It would nestle in your heart when free and clear from the clutter of fake man made variety of presumed shortcuts to salvation as touted by self proclaimed righteous keepers of the faith and sought after by misguided seekers of the divine providence with claims of an omnipotent personal ally in the heavens, poised to save and serve them like a utility on cue.

The peaks of spirituality are however reserved for the gleeful and immortal moments of wholeness incarnated by comforting others at one's discomfort, loss or even peril, virtues strange to the trekkers of the dark path of self-serving causes.

And when the ground is tilled it will come, you will know of its coming for its unparalleled feeling of release, freedom, awareness, lucidity, creativity, and wholeness never experienced in the material world. A material-less richness and experience worthy of only the spiritual. (back to list)