Have you ever pondered:

No strength in numbers.

For every ten books sold in astrology only one is sold in astronomy

Crude joke on the origin of oil.

How can millions of tons of oil and gas buried seven kilometers under arid areas of the Sahara desert of Libya, Saudi Arabia, and the earth's poles with no known geological history of lush woodlands and forests can be the results of decomposition of plant matter.

Again a last century belief that, " no process other than biological can produce hydrocarbon ", and that "every chemically defined organic matter(that which lacks oxygen bond to its carbons) is an organic entity", and in the absence of any other intelligible explanation, this time science resorts to the least intelligible option of another crude scientific joke.

Chuckle and eat your chocolate.

Whether through lack of financial, or intellectual affordability or both, our parents made our lives miserable by preventing us from eating chocolate, the following facts may help them and help you to shed the stereotypes and feel good hereon in.

Chocolates are actually good for you because:

They contain phenol which is known to help stop arteries from clogging up, this antioxidant prevents lipoproteins(bad fat) to "rust" and become rancid in the arteries.

They provide timely and much needed food to energize brain function and stimulation particularly at peak performance, by releasing simple and fast dissipating carbohydrates(sugar) into the bloodstream.

Research also shows that the sugar content of chocolate does not in any way contribute to hyper activity of the children but on the contrary it may even cause drowsiness.

They taste good and provide a significant source of healthful chemicals.

However, there is one watery non committal claim by the scientists which suggests:

WARNING, Too much chocolate maybe bad for your teeth. Bearing in mind that excessive consumption of any dietary product can be harmful I guess I can live with that.

"The pyramid is more stable on its apex", But this time they really mean it.

It is disturbing to be manipulated by the official government food guide which places meat fish and poultry at top of the food pyramid followed by dairy products, fruit and vegetable and finally grains, but the same official authority forty two years later reverse the pyramid on us hundred and eighty degrees and recommends the exact opposite. Are these scientists we are dealing with or dedicated followers of fads north American style?.

This sole has a hole.

A great majority of the scientists still disbelieve with conviction in the possibility of life anywhere else in the universe. While in a small corner of our own galaxy and with our young and limited history of explorations, we have found water (ice) on the moon, ice and life supporting condition on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, Europe and Titan, with other, organic micro organisms on the meteorite from Mars and of course life is flourishing on our own planet Earth, the notion that we are the sole occupants of this universe has a big hole.

Fetal attraction.

Is Dolly a dud? It certainly looks like it. The most celebrated sheep in the modern history may be suddenly looking at the gullible scientist observers as one of her own kind with even longer ears.

While the cloning of mammals from fetal cells has been a common practice for at least two decades, using the nucleus from the cell of adult mammal that had died three years ago was not only a huge news by itself, its implications went even further to the point of self reincarnation if applicable to the human race.

But, it was not very long before other genetic scientist in similar pursuit became suspicious when failed to obtain similar results .

Although the procedure is not a complex one, some trial and errors are needed due to the nature of the manhandling phase whereby the unfertilized egg of the bearer mammal with its nucleus removed is impregnated with nucleus from fetus cell still in the early stages of division (or as falsely claimed a three years old mature cell in the case of Dolly), electric current is used to fuse the egg and its new environment and stimulate growth.

The jig was up when repeated failed attempt by venerable labs in the US and Italy suggested either a gross oversight or a fluke if not fake. The more face saving spin ie the unforgivable oversight was acknowledged by the meteorically famed scientist, but a corrected version of Dolly still remains to be conceived. And until then, mother nature still proves one step ahead of the herd and still in charge with clear lines in the sand when matters. As for now, fetal attraction prevails over mature cell distraction.

Weird whirl.

Imagine a planet as large as the mighty Jupiter whirling around the Sun but this time not in its precise orbit, and rotation stringently dictated by the gravitational law and theory of relativity but in such close orbital proximity and speed which describes one full rotation around its sun every three days.

This is the scenario for several newly discovered Jupiter-sized planets which has been baffling the astronomers for the past three years defying much reliable and case hardened laws of gravity and motion as well as the unusual formation of huge gas planets so close to its parent sun .

A hair raising, gut feeling expression.

No matter what direction we are driven to by our incidental culture and ethnicity, and as long as such incidental colourings do not mask our inborn common sense, there is no doubt that at some point in our lives we have felt another facet and dimension to our existence other than our molecular components and atoms bumping into each other.

While this sensation is true and universal, there are probably as many descriptions and interpretations of it as there are individuals who have experienced it.

I needed a little help from Maslow, Rees and Pinker, but when the phrase was finally conceived there was no doubt that it was the most concise and fitting metaphor which captured the human essence as experience by me.

When sheep's gut is vibrated by horse's hair, my tears are the manifestation of "the poetry of man."


And finally with magic's of mitosis and mysteries of the quantum mechanics, we still refuse to admit that WE JUST DON'T KNOW and prefer to yell Eureka at the cost of disservice to the following public. Mother nature has certainly many more tricks up her sleeves which remain to be unfolded in the years to come, a "string theory of gravity" which would combine general relativity and quantum mechanic into one unified and universal theory of explaining the physical universe may provide clues in the next millennium.

Adam, The Adams or Agnosts.

(The following paragraph may appear to be simplistic and some what exaggerated but its sadly enough, it is the condensed crux of the matter in a nutshell.)

The view of the world as perceived by the creationists is founded on the Biblical (geneses-- Adam and Eve) definition including outlandish claims of a flat earth, created in six days only 6000 years ago at the center of the universe, and many more.

The evolutionists rendition though it draws from scientific methods with the luxury of the record is even more imaginative, it wraps itself around mutation, natural selection, micro and macro evolution and finally punctuated.... to no avail. It finally suggest ( without any proof or documentation) freak accidents both within the cell of living organisms and in the outside world corroborated against the actual programed biological structure of the organisms, not to cause decay but to refine the living organisms into not only a more superior of the same genre but into another specious, it suggests that in a mere two hundred million years the primitive Cambrian creatures emerge into dinosaurs. In reality case studies have proved the exact contrary to this notion and mutants have always proved to be weaker and more prone to degeneration. more so is the transmutation into another species which even with todays technology and advance genetics science has not been achieved even under controlled lab. conditions. Survivor of this line of thought would resemble more the Adams family than the human race.

One of the characteristics of good science is the admission of ignorance, this would not only leaves the door open for the further flux of information and submission to the more superior knowledge not yet available to us. An endeavour to build a definitive scientific case based on highly speculative and inconclusive evidence contrary to the observed natural processes is certainly bad science.

The daunting complexity of the world around us from each speckle of dust to the most colossal celestial objects must be a good reason for humbling our arrogance and ignorance in understanding the world around us, the scientific community is far better served by not delving into totally abstract and strange world with very little to work with and trying to build a case from it much to its embarrassment and disservice to it followers only for the sake of explaining that which is not understood and not understandable. the Agnosts position is that of rational, logical, realistic and even the most scientific.