The 90% enigma, a reoccurring theme:

Without a great deal of simplicity or exaggeration, it appears that our knowledge of the world within and without not only addresses a small percentage of the whole but even then, we are just approaching the first bend of the road in a long and adventurous journey.

In genetic science, plotting of the genetic blue print is in progress as new gene discoveries unfold daily, but with man being more than a physic and related disorders, the bare essence of man that makes him tick remains a mystery.

Exploration of the universe is becoming more aggressive in the wake of the space based telescopes, labs and monitoring station. yet fundamental questions in terms of the origin, age, and macro composition of the universe still hang in the balance, this is not to mention the more fundamental and lingering puzzles such as possibilities of other life forms, random or design concept, and whether or not universe has a purposes.

Human brain is by far a master contrivance which wills, commands, and monitors the execution of billions of tasks each second from secretion of saliva to twitching of a mussel. Yet our understanding of its functions is confined mainly to pathological and physiological premise leaving a substantial blank in the faculty of the human soul ranging from dream, memory, emotion etc.

From the study of matter we learn that even when dealing with the cutting edges of science and technology, where the domain of rationality, scientific methods and common sense closes the door to any nonsense hint of extraordinary and superstition (as hopefully sustained throughout the theme of this article), we can not and must not totally distance ourselves from mysterious phenomena that defy common sense. In case of an object's change being instantly duplicated in a related object no matter how far their distance in the universe, the prediction of the mathematical quantum mechanics was confirmed conclusively by a laboratory experiment thus further adding to the mysteries within the smallest component of the universe. The enormity of the mystery become even more overwhelming when the impact of this property of matter is extrapolated throughout the universe.

The lingering question of the coded, concealed, or undiscovered ninety percent enigma surfaces as a common denominator in almost every fundamental facet of scientific explorations with equally fundamental questions remaining unanswered, It is extremely important to acknowledge our position and progress in the quest for knowledge with honesty, integrity and realism without complacency and conceit. Dejecting the unfounded, unfitting, unscientific and bankrupt stereotypes as the worst enemies of progress with an iconoclastic approach can entertain the ultimate test of merit and credibility.

It appears as if a whole new dimension of intellectual awareness and integrity must prevail to transcend man's consciousness to the next level, a consciences which would travel beyond the bounds of physical and mechanical properties into more organic domain, outclassing the present perception and wisdom by nine to one in every important facet, an awareness only suspected from its signs or felt in our hearts, the awareness which may provide the key to the discovery of yet unseen, undetected, undeciphered and even unimagined and imaginable components of the great mystery of existence and maybe the ultimate questions of design or chance, purpose or purposeless universe.