About the author:

As early as 1972 Shahram Shimi was designing structures on main-frame computers at the University of Aston in Birmingham England, where he graduated as a Civil Engineer.
His successful engineering career stretched over 20 years and culminated in his last full time position in a half billion Dollar mega project in Toronto, where he served both as assistant construction manager and executive engineer in charge.
He then embarked on a journey of exploration aboard the vehicle of Internet Technology, then at its infancy, where he could apply his computer skills in a productive and marketable new environment.
He designed and posted his first website shimi.com in 1998, and shortly after, offered his professional IT services through his incorporated business, while constantly honing his skills and growing with the technology as it became more challenging and prolific.
Today his artwork, while arguably unique in form, diverse in subject, and with spectacular colour, encapsulates an inexplicable magnetism, expressing indeed his inner voice and passion through the vehicle of modern technology. He occasionally showcases his artistic creations in adjudicated art exhibitions.
Currently he owns and manages three personal websites, with over 2000 of his designed pages and several Youtube postings
Shahram’s diverse interest in arts, poetry, music, social trends and politics, and his special knack for writing, earned him over 65 episodes of personal live weekly radio broadcast (SIT – Radio Toronto), as well as multiple published articles in The Toronto Star and other publications.
He is also actively engaged in completing the last of his 12 volume digital production of his collection of graphic art, music, poetry and spoken word, soon to be published both online and in prints.
Shahram lives in Toronto Canada with his wife and their two sons, doctors, Shahriar Shimi (Dental Surgeon) and Shahdad Shimi (Juris Doctor, Attorney at law.)
About the site, from the author.
With a firm hold on most aspects of design and publishing of Internet related material, I posted my first web site in 1995 and soon after registered a personal domain (shimi.com) where I shared my deeply rooted pluralistic views, showcased my graphic designs and promoted my Internet services under the commercial name of Netshell.(replaced since)
Soon after it became clear that in order to remain marketable and competitive a more professional approach was needed.
Pageposter.com grew out of Netshell and was registered as a domain and small business. As such, it offers fully customized Internet services to individuals, businesses and corporations who consider their web sites as their front yards projecting the looks and feel of their intended personalized images.
Shimi.ca took over from Shimi.com in May of 2001 rendering it open for a new design and content. It was also considered that although unprofessional on the surface but there was no harm in mixing the personal and business aspects of the sites as long as the quality of the professional work was not compromised, this format was considered even preferred by both parties in cases where highly personalized and customized sites demanded extensive interaction and exchange of general and personal information and psychology between designer and the client.
Shimi.com therefore, while reflects in earnest a professional sample of a personal web site and graphic designs, it also functions as a hub integrating various facets of the site in one easily navigable location.
The design:
The front page design itself is set in three radically different environments, a proverbial and literal brick and mortar adobe wall provides the backdrop to the scene, and while the veneer of shapes and colours please, displease, direct or divert attention, the presence of the solid base-wall remains either unchanged or with protruding effect, never totally submerged by the acquired effects and masquerades.
The colourful design renders merely an eye candy with no functionality until it is set in motion through the power of the next layer which remains invisible therefore non-existant to the untrained and superficial eye but crucial and central to the performance of the site as it is intricately and meticulously devised and programmed to operate as desired.
The metaphor:
The design elements and subjects of the home page are so chosen to best represent a metaphoric manifestation of a page in the human genesis, whereby the fundamental bare blocks of our existence depicted by the brick wall, provide the innate and predisposed characteristics which dictate the backdrop to our future development albeit no control over its construct and content can be exerted. The painted veneer signifies the important early nurturing environment in which different areas of talent can be developed and present themselves while influenced by the projection of the ubiquitous underlying structure.
The whole scene will come magically alive when strung together by a string of zeros and ones called a program specifically written to link, organize, expand and execute masterfully and indefatigably as desired, epitomizing the instructions for production of a single protein within the cell as coded by four bases known by their initials as A, T, C, and G, on a finite segment of the DNA called gene.
The subject matter of the site at its core however, remains a vocational vent, a means of expression, a billboard of my inner voice and passion to make a scant attempt in promoting the simplest, the most obvious and yet effective solution to the most complex and tragic problem facing mankind. I hope that by raising awareness I will be able to make a difference in minimizing the horrendous disparity between the extremes of wasteful wealth and abject poverty among the children of the same family of mankind who can all prosper by sharing a plethora of available resources.
The message:
It is regrettable that as nature plays dice in giving its subjects their defining combination of genes and early nurturing environment, those of us who score poorly on both cards become its inevitable casualties and must pay the price while robbed of a choice and a voice. This unfortunate but familiar scenario of mother nature's work gone awry can only be remedied through a pluralistic view and collaborative effort of all mankind as member of the same family or metaphorically as members and parts of the same carnal body.I look forward to the day when all humanity utter the following words in their hearts when addressing the poor, dispossessed and disenfranchised--My simple recipe that can make us all winners.

"I know that you are desperate and your dignity is compromised, but I also know that this is not your fault as you are the victim of unfortunate circumstances beyond your control just like the fortunate ones that benefit me. So don't worry, if nature has been mean to you, It has been kind and generous to me, and as part of you, I will reach out and hold your hand so that together we can share both the stumble and the smile. And I can't thank you enough for giving more than receiving, by affording me the opportunity to experience true bliss, live a meaningful life, and make a difference through deeds with lasting value."

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