This page was originally posted on the Internet over fifteen years ago (1998), it contained among other things, a relentless attack on Darwinism as an explanation for the origin of species, as well as a short essay under the title of " A crude joke on the origin of oil" which basically scoffs at the notion that the crud oil is the result of decomposed organic matter and plant remains only occurring at shallow subterranean layer of earth within the sedimentary rocks.

My interest in these subject matters (and others) was more personal and fueled by curiosity and lack of convincing answers to simple questions such as--how can every life form be the result of a freak accidents and not a design, or if every superseding creature is developed from the presiding one why there is not even one evidence of such gradual biological change which should be happening constantly and between all species. Or, how can such vast deposits of oil and gas be the result of decomposed organic matter at such depths well into the bedrock of the earth and mostly under arid and/or frozen land.

The uninhibited medium of Internet and a personal web site with no lynch mob of twisted minded mainstream scientists to be accountable to, provided a suitable means of freely and candidly expressing my views and praise or laugh at anything and anybody that I deemed worthy no matter how noble they are in the eyes of others. Just as they are allowed to laugh at this or any other author on the Internet.

The fact remains that as we speak, still Darwinism is being touted and taught as the only valid scientific explanation to the origin of species, and depletion and decomposition of the organic matter is considered and indoctrinated as the only source of crud oil. And until this scenario continues I see it as perfectly legitimate to laugh at the stigmatized and even blind regressive and damaging science and praise the bold and true explorers of science frontiers who's iconoclastic approach is the key to the advancement of human condition.

When I wrote the following pages the project genome was nowhere near its completion and the work of other private institutions on deciphering of the human genetic code was kept under a cloak of secrecy lest compromising its lucrative end. The origin of oil was also well embedded within the superficial rock of copy cat and blind science with no formidable pressure and cry to reveal its true nature and source. The amateurish essay therefore must have generated few laughs and it may still do, little did I know that my getting the final laugh may be around the corner.

While four years since the posting of the following essays is very short time for any well established area of science to be turned over its head with its fundamental principles being radically challenged, redefined and even disproved, this unfortunate turn of events and tragedy of science has fortunately and finally unfolded.

I will be more specific.

For years and years a great number of microbiologists and other scientists believed that Darwinism could not explain the complexity and diversity of species in the world. The fossil evidence, experiments, observation and statistics were all conclusive with sudden and not gradual appearance of the species as claimed by natural selection.

DNA molecules unveils the mechanism of multiplication, organization and production of amino acid components of proteins which carry out the tasks in the organisms, but while its origin and even more its purpose remains a mystery it suggests a profound and intricate design which precludes any hint of chance, freak accident, or any kind of mutation and/or inter-species changes by natural selection.

In simple language the theory of evolution is now stamped out by the cutting edge science enhanced by advance computer technology--something which was not scientific in the first place, never supported by experiment and observation, and never made any sense to me. Those who challenged and contested Darwinism with bold scientific facts were persecuted by the section of the scientific community who were locked into the mind set of the scientific version of the old grannies tales passed on and accepted without ever bidding to probe, investigate, question or criticize, attributes which defy the very definition of science and scientist. Others were branded as religious and creationists, again another attribute that can pull the rug of status from under any scholar who needs his job.

Thanks primarily to the accomplishment of the publicly financed project genome and a privately owned other group of scientists who's comprehensive findings of research into the humans genetic code was publicly broadcast on Feb.12th.2001, revealing in no uncertain terms that what they have discovered suggest a profound design and likened it to the language of God.

Also thanks to the valuable courage, contribution and the ground breaking work of Dr. Michael.j.Behe who in his latest book (Opening Darwin's black box) boldly challenges and discredits the well established dinosaur of paleontology Stephen.J. Gould and the mutated rationale of Richard Dawkins , who due to their special positions at Harvard and Oxford, pose special threat by promoting bad science and polluting young minds

There is no doubt that science in the next decade or two will prove beyond any doubt that the nightmare of Darwinism was just that and no more (although this may not be the end of Darwinism and the argument will be lingering on).

While I could not agree more with the notion that there is an order behind the universe and a design behind the DNA, I stay away from calling it the work of God, to me the word God is synonymous with the scripture and Exodus 32, and frankly I can not draw parallels between dead sea scrolls and DNA codes and attribute them to the work of the same author. As to who and what is behind the design and why ? I adopt the agnostic view, confess to my ignorance and declare that WE JUST DON'T KNOW.

I believe with firm conviction that if this web site can survive to the day, we will look at the dark days of the misguided science which even as late as the year 2000, and in the face of all the evidence to the contrary, had us believe the least likely scenario about the most fundamental question surrounding mankind, a scenario stipulating that everything in biological world from the most rudimentary creatures to the most sophisticated, are the result of evolution caused by mistake and freak accident at the molecular level favoured by the environment just because it is the only convenient way of explaining it away as well as its ability to absorb the push of the materialistic politics. Where the facts are that at best, apart from specific programs hard-wired within every cell of every organic entity, functioning according to specific timeline to steer the path to its growth and development, resulting in controled subtle "mutations as adaptive characteristic" within same and never as interspecies mutant, NOTHING IN THIS WORD IS THE RESULT OF EVOLUTION no matter how much time or how favourable the nature.

(For further readings on problems of Darwinism please visit WAS DARWIN WRONG)

The origin of oil:

I also wrote a short essay on the origin of oil which disbelieves the decomposed forestation and organic matter as the source of the huge oil reserves deep beneath the earth and under the mostly arid and frozen zones. While these thought were seemed somewhat bizarre and outrageous at the time, it has now been revealed and even proved that decomposed organic matter at the sedimentary layers of the earth's crust do not provide the source of oil, but oil is produced mainly at the depth of 5 and 6Km below the earth's crust where trapped carbons and rampant hydrogen are combined and reacted under heat and pressure to produce oil. The claim is supported and documented with many scientific proofs, evidences and physical observations and bore holes in a book called The deep hot biosphere authored by Thomas Gold one of the most reputable scientists and thinkers of this century.(Thomas Gold is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, a Fellow of the Royal Society, and an Emeritus Professor of Physics at Cornell University. Regarded as one of the most creative and wide-ranging scientists of his generation, he has taught at Cambridge university and Harvard, and for 20 years was the Director of the Cornell Center for Radiophysics and Space Research. )

For more readings on various topics go to Siteseeing, a complementary site

A brief account of the titles listed below can be reach from the linked page

The following titles were posted on the Internet over four years ago representing my random view of topics and issues surrounding the everyday's life with opinions and comments which may differ from those held by the general public and even mainstream science, but may strike a chord with readers whose common senses urge them to differentiate pseudoscience from science no matter how formidable the opposition.

Topics revisited herein are unaltered so that a comparison can be drawn between what was noted then and what progressive science is revealing now. If these writings can at least generate second thoughts and further probing of what the reader has considered as either established facts or worth pondering, it has served its purpose.


Spirituality is a profound and pathless personal experience, which estranges if sought after.

It enlightens a small corner of the "real", exposing the sources of fear and insecurity as baseless and unfounded personal afflictions, while redefining the meaning of true bliss through communion with the "whole" where good and bad, pain and pleasure, gain and loss, self and all else merge into one.

Spirituality is only possible through complete dispelling of external paths, suggestions and acts deemed conducive to such end.

No traditional, conventional, organized or new age belief practice or ritual can induce or facilitate spirituality, to the contrary, such pursuits preclude opportunities for introspective experiences and breed a shallow perception of spirituality and transcendence through imagery denial and self-hypnosis.

You may not bring spirituality upon yourself, it will come to you when susceptible, its momentous epiphany awakens from within, sometimes by subtle, sublime and ephemeral messages contained in diverse but mysteriously linked manifestations such as a painting, a line of poetry or music, a dream or just a serene corner of nature, or, through more austere and enduring stimuli, when all doors are closed and options exhausted feelings traumatized and hearts broken.

It would nestle in your heart when free and clear from the clutter of fake man made variety of presumed shortcuts to salvation as touted by self proclaimed righteous keepers of the faith and sought after by misguided seekers of the divine providence with claims of an omnipotent personal ally in the heavens, poised to save and serve them like a utility on cue.

The peaks of spirituality are however reserved for the gleeful and immortal moments of wholeness incarnated by comforting others at one's discomfort, loss or even peril, virtues strange to the trekkers of the dark path of self-serving causes.

And when the ground is tilled it will come, you will know of its coming for its unparalleled feeling of release, freedom, awareness, lucidity, creativity, and wholeness never experienced in the material world. A material-less richness and experience worthy of only the spiritual. (back to list)

Mystery genes, junk or jewel:
Packed into DNA molecules, genes constitute a coded package of instructions that defines a
specific function or instruction, they can act independently or in combination, they can even migrate by jumping from each one of the twenty three of its encompassing chromosome to another and function within its molecule of DNA. But genes only defines ten percent of the DNA, what about the other ninety percent you might ask?- The answer is -- we simply don't know, and to be even more naive, we dub them junk genes even though we cannot explain which molecules are involved and responsible for the body clock, heart beat, breathing, puberty, menopause even death, or how dreams and emotions tie into the equation.
It appears that major grounds remain to be covered even in the most advanced frontiers of science before man could detach himself with any degree of credibility from the prosaic carnal knowledge and comfortably delve into and understand the profound and intangible genre of human nature and behavior, namely the poetry of man, his emotions, spirituality, and love, that is the time when he would turn junk into jewel.
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Darwinism a bunk:
A critical essay on Darwinism

In a nutshell Darwin's theory of evolution is based on mutation and natural selection, mutation in a cell is an anomaly, it is a disorder and a disadvantage in most if not all cases, it is degenerative and always a threat to the survival of the bearer. There are many mechanisms and proteins in place within the cell itself even as early as the initial cell multiplication and the separation of the two backbones of the double helix of DNA when codons are copied onto tRNA, and again prior to the production of amino acid components of proteins within the cytoplasm. Other check points are provided by the mother nature to avoid such occurrences deemed detrimental if not terminal to the cell's survival.

However every once in a while an anomaly occurs and this is no celebration of life and does not provide another prop for the tree of survival, on the contrary it marks the birth of a substandard living organism who's degree of vulnerability is defined by the importance of the damaged gene's functionality and the potential ramification of its role in the overall picture, it can be as subtle as albino, more severe as sickle-cell anemia or much more serious causing stillbirth or even subsequent death, with the worst middle ground scenario as in such cases the corrupted gene will continue to contaminate the futures interactions resulting in undesirable strains.
It is inconceivable to mark this freak tragedy as the happy and lucky event we have all been waiting for to elevate the evolution of species to the next level of refinement and guarantee its survival, while all the healthy cells are doomed to decay under the harsh environmental condition, just because it provides the only convenient catalyst to gel a bizarre story together. It seems that nature is shooting itself in the foot by first setting up an elaborate system to preclude affording an unqualified gene at the most primary stage of conception, only to reward the culprit to sire new and improved genre.
Another oddity of Darwinism with no supporting proof to keep it afloat even as a bona fide theory, is the fact that over the years its popularity has shifted the burden of proof to the critics. No doubt the hypothetical species emerging from this freaky origin can only resemble a scene from the Adams family.
The following facts are powerful arguments against evolution theory.

There is no doubt that in the overall scheme of evolution based on natural selection, size per se is a detriment to survival, corpulence would entail its own physical and nutritional havoc, smaller creatures are far less susceptible to changes and shortages and far more adaptable.
Viruses and bacteria (microbes) have preceded us and would probably outlive us by many millions of years, their survivals alone suggest resilience, flexibility adaptability and smartness much of which can be attributed to their mere size.

A serious philosophical question is begged as to whether us, the human race , are falsely looked at as the pinnacle of the evolutionary hierarchy or the dumb and overgrown mutant destined to extinct, while our modestly sized and smart in adaptation and resilience distant ancestors are the true beneficiary of the so called evolution by natural selection.

In 6000m below the ocean , temperature of between 1 to 5 degree C, and 600 atmosphere of pressure, they generate their own electricity to light up their surroundings in search for food, lure prey and survive predators.
How did their molecules become conscious of such need, what molecules are involved in this power generating and delivery scheme, how many agreeable freak mutations must occur at the right time to ensure such profound changes to such unaccommodating quarters of this vast earth and once adapted to such harsh conditions and claiming the gold medal of survival what further conquest biologically inspired further evolution into a much more hospitable environment through many thousands of more freak accidents and natural selections, what are the chances of this occurrences, was this the only alternative and how many years of history is needed for a full circle, why in spite of millions of different species living on the Earth there is no evidence of any such intermediary changes occurring now.
One might also wonder what kind of strange and hostile environment dictated such harsh lifestyle for the poor abyssal fauna while its contemporary the koala bear can enjoy such leisure and luxury with no bother.

What is the matter:

Ironically the most illusive and least known entity in the universe is the most abundant one namely matter itself, this basic building block of the universe, the study of which has been with us for over a century, is today more mysterious, complex and illusive that ever before bringing the paraphrase "the more you learn the less you know" to mind. Matter is us and everything else, but while its abundance and accessibility, unlike the stars and galaxies, make its stringent scrutiny possible, its esoteric characteristics preempt progress and impede insight to the point of more questions than answers with every step forward.
More than its components, it is the perpetual uncertainties within the atom that expresses its behavior as a set of probabilities. The study of neutrinos, if and when captured and examined for properties and mass will no doubt shed more light upon the whole phenomenon of matter. An excellent underground observatory for the study of the neutrinos was recently opened at Sudbury Ont. in Canada (Sudbury Neutrino Observatory-SNO) which will no doubt facilitate the understanding of these incredibly minute solar emissions by studying their characteristics.
But there is more, the predictions of
quantum mechanics as applied to subatomic particles defies common sense, it suggests that a change in an object in one place can instantly produce a change in a related object elsewhere in the universe. In a historic dual between common sense and quantum mechanic, the latter beat the former by a spin (experiment conducted by clause/freedman-Berkeley).
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We just don't know:
Living creatures and plants are made of billions of cells, while each cell is different from others in shape, size, properties and function, its location differentiates it even from its neighbor, some of these differences can be profound such as rapidly growing skin cell compared to elongated and stranded nerve cells or brain cells which remain constant in numbers throughout our lives, some cells such as red blood cells defy norms with longevity of only 120 days and lack of nucleus. Yet all cells are generated from one single cell through the process of multiple and successive division called
As a single cell multiplies, each one of the billion would recognize its location, shape, size, function, and would provide its own material to self construct and mature accordingly and position itself in the exact location functioning in harmony with others.(again as a hypothetical, shabby and a million times simplified real life scenario, imagine placing the three basic colors of red, green and blue on a canvas then just stand back and watch them to gradually come alive and emerge into the most beautiful picture you ever saw, always on the alert to repair itself when vandalized-I say no more)
How is this astonishing task accomplished with such precision within a single cell leading to a full fledged living creature or plant by manipulation and literal embodiment of amino acids into molecules of hormones, proteins and enzymes, with original building block of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, phosphate and traces of other minerals? we just don't know.
Molecular biology and genetic science is concentrating on only ten percent of the genes contained in chromosomes, when completely decoded it is hoped that a full human blue print as to its properties, disorders, diseases, functions and organization thereof will be fully revealed.
While this blue print primarily explain physical and chemical functions and properties of the study subjects, it precludes gaining insight into the human psyche, emotions and sentiments which is what makes us tick. However to fully understand the human emotions as well as machinery, our search must extend to the better part of our genes pool we naively dub junk genes, as for now and in terms of its functionality? we just don't know.
It is established that all the attributes of the human brain, account for only ten percent of its total capacity and potential while again we do not know what molecules are involved in manifestation of imagination, dreams, memory and other functions attributed to the brain.
This time however we are more reserved and refrain from calling it junky fat, as to the role and function of the other 90% of our brain ? we just don't know.
It is well established that the observed physical universe around us can only account for ten percent of the total mass of the universe, and this is the only explanation whereby the universal bodies and features can fly in the positions and order that they are. The other ninety percent while concealed, provides the backbone in supporting and maintaining the order and harmony in the universe. We call it the Black matter (different to the Black hole), but where is it and what is it? we just don't know.
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The 90% enigma, a reoccurring theme:
Without a great deal of simplicity or exaggeration, it appears that our knowledge of the world within and without not only addresses a small percentage of the whole but even then, we are just approaching the first bend of the road in a long and adventurous journey.
In genetic science, plotting of the genetic blue print is in progress as new gene discoveries unfold daily, but with man being more than a physic and related disorders, the bare essence of man that makes him tick remains a mystery.
Exploration of the universe is becoming more aggressive in the wake of the space based telescopes, labs and monitoring station. yet fundamental questions in terms of the origin, age, and macro composition of the universe still hang in the balance, this is not to mention the more fundamental and lingering puzzles such as possibilities of other life forms, random or design concept, and whether or not universe has a purposes.
Human brain is by far a master contrivance which wills, commands, and monitors the execution of billions of tasks each second from secretion of saliva to twitching of a mussel. Yet our understanding of its functions is confined mainly to pathological and physiological premise leaving a substantial blank in the faculty of the human soul ranging from dream, memory, emotion etc.
From the study of matter we learn that even when dealing with the cutting edges of science and technology, where the domain of rationality, scientific methods and common sense closes the door to any nonsense hint of extraordinary and superstition (as hopefully sustained throughout the theme of this article), we can not and must not totally distance ourselves from mysterious phenomena that defy common sense. In case of an object's change being instantly duplicated in a related object no matter how far their distance in the universe, the prediction of the mathematical quantum mechanics was confirmed conclusively by a laboratory experiment thus further adding to the mysteries within the smallest component of the universe. The enormity of the mystery become even more overwhelming when the impact of this property of matter is extrapolated throughout the universe.
The lingering question of the coded, concealed, or undiscovered ninety percent enigma surfaces as a common denominator in almost every fundamental facet of scientific explorations with equally fundamental questions remaining unanswered, It is extremely important to acknowledge our position and progress in the quest for knowledge with honesty, integrity and realism without complacency and conceit. Dejecting the unfounded, unfitting, unscientific and bankrupt stereotypes as the worst enemies of progress with an iconoclastic approach can entertain the ultimate test of merit and credibility.
It appears as if a whole new dimension of intellectual awareness and integrity must prevail to transcend man's consciousness to the next level, a consciences which would travel beyond the bounds of physical and mechanical properties into more organic domain, outclassing the present perception and wisdom by nine to one in every important facet, an awareness only suspected from its signs or felt in our hearts, the awareness which may provide the key to the discovery of yet unseen, undetected, undeciphered and even unimagined and imaginable components of the great mystery of existence and maybe the ultimate questions of design or chance, purpose or purposeless universe.
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Lion and the wind:
The 750 years old piece of poetry uses a fitting metaphor to exemplify the profound effect of the hidden causes that shape and move us throughout our lives in a near deterministic world.
We are all lions, lion on a flag.
Wind cause of our attacks with each drag.
Our attacks perceived, in hide is the wind.
Bestow of life worth of that which thus hid.
Mawlavi-(1207-1273 A.D Balkh.), translation/interpretation by the author
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No strength in numbers.
For every ten books sold in astrology only one is sold in astronomy
Crude joke on the origin of oil.
How can millions of tons of oil and gas buried seven kilometers under arid areas of the Sahara desert of Libya, Saudi Arabia, and the earth's poles with no known geological history of lush woodlands and forests can be the results of decomposition of plant matter.
Again a last century belief that, " no process other than biological can produce hydrocarbon ", and that "every chemically defined organic matter(that which lacks oxygen bond to its carbons) is an organic entity", and in the absence of any other intelligible explanation, this time science resorts to the least intelligible option of another crude scientific joke.
Chuckle and eat your chocolate.
Whether through lack of financial, or intellectual affordability or both, our parents made our lives miserable by preventing us from eating chocolate, the following facts may help them and help you to shed the stereotypes and feel good hereon in.
Chocolates are actually good for you because:
  1. They contain phenol which is known to help stop arteries from clogging up, this antioxidant prevents lipoproteins(bad fat) to "rust" and become rancid in the arteries.
  2. They provide timely and much needed food to energize brain function and stimulation particularly at peak performance, by releasing simple and fast dissipating carbohydrates(sugar) into the bloodstream.
    Research also shows that the sugar content of chocolate does not in any way contribute to hyper activity of the children but on the contrary it may even cause drowsiness.
  3. They taste good and provide a significant source of healthful chemicals.
  4. However, there is one watery non committal claim by the scientists which suggests:
    WARNING, Too much chocolate maybe bad for your teeth. Bearing in mind that excessive consumption of any dietary product can be harmful I guess I can live with that.

"The pyramid is more stable on its apex", But this time they really mean it.
It is disturbing to be manipulated by the official government food guide which places meat fish and poultry at top of the food pyramid followed by dairy products, fruit and vegetable and finally grains, but the same official authority forty two years later reverse the pyramid on us hundred and eighty degrees and recommends the exact opposite. Are these scientists we are dealing with or dedicated followers of fads north American style?.
This sole has a hole.
A great majority of the scientists still disbelieve with conviction in the possibility of life anywhere else in the universe. While in a small corner of our own galaxy and with our young and limited history of explorations, we have found water (ice) on the moon, ice and life supporting condition on the moons of Jupiter named titan, Europe and others, organic micro organisms on the meteorite from the Mars and of course life is flourishing on our own planet Earth, the notion that we are the sole occupants of this universe has a big hole.
Fetal attraction.
Is Dolly a dud? It certainly looks like it. The most celebrated sheep in the modern history may be suddenly looking at the gullible scientist observers as one of her own kind with even longer ears.
While the cloning of mammals from fetal cells has been a common practice for at least two decades, using the nucleus from the cell of adult mammal that had died three years ago was not only a huge news by itself, its implications went even further to the point of self reincarnation if applicable to the human race.
But, it was not very long before other genetic scientist in similar pursuit became suspicious when failed to obtain similar results .
Although the procedure is not a complex one, some trial and errors are needed due to the nature of the manhandling phase whereby the unfertilized egg of the bearer mammal with its nucleus removed is impregnated with nucleus from fetus cell still in the early stages of division (or as falsely claimed a three years old mature cell in the case of Dolly), electric current is used to fuse the egg and its new environment and stimulate growth.
The jig was up when repeated failed attempt by venerable labs in the US and Italy suggested either a gross oversight or a fluke if not fake. The more face saving spin ie the unforgivable oversight was acknowledged by the meteorically famed scientist, but a corrected version of Dolly still remains to be conceived. And until then, mother nature still proves one step ahead of the herd and still in charge with clear lines in the sand when matters. As for now, fetal attraction prevails over mature cell distraction.
Weird whirl.
Imagine a planet as large as the mighty Jupiter whirling around the Sun but this time not in its precise orbit, and rotation stringently dictated by the gravitational low and theory of relativity but in such close orbital proximity and speed which describes one full rotation around its sun every three days.
This is the scenario for several newly discovered Jupiter-sized planets which has been baffling the astronomers for the past three years defying much reliable and case hardened lows of gravity and motion as well as the unusual formation of huge gas planets so close to its parent sun .
A hair raising, gut feeling expression.
No matter what direction we are driven to by our incidental culture and ethnicity, and as long as such incidental colourings do not mask our inborn common sense, there is no doubt that at some point in our lives we have felt another facet and dimension to our existence other than our molecular components and atoms bumping into each other.
While this sensation is true and universal, there are probably as many descriptions and interpretations of it as there are individuals who have experienced it.
I needed a little help from Maslow, Rees and Pinker, but when the phrase was finally conceived there was no doubt that it was the most concise and fitting metaphor which captured the human essence as experience by me.

When sheep's gut is vibrated by horse's hair, my tears are the manifestation of "the poetry of man."

And finally with magic's of mitosis and mysteries of the quantum mechanics, we still refuse to admit that WE JUST DON'T KNOW and prefer to yell Eureka at the cost of disservice to the following public. Mother nature has certainly many more tricks up her sleeves which remain to be unfolded in the years to come, a "string theory of gravity" which would combine general relativity and quantum mechanic into one unified and universal theory of explaining the physical universe may provide clues in the next millennium.
Adam, The Adams or Agnosts.
(The following paragraph may appear to be simplistic and some what exaggerated but its sadly enough, it is the condensed crux of the matter in a nutshell.)
The view of the world as perceived by the creationists is founded on the Biblical (geneses-- Adam and Eve) definition including outlandish claims of a flat earth, created in six days only 6000 years ago at the center of the universe, and many more.
The evolutionists rendition though it draws from scientific methods with the luxury of the record is even more imaginative, it wraps itself around mutation, natural selection, micro and macro evolution and finally punctuated.... to no avail. It finally suggest ( without any proof or documentation) freak accidents both within the cell of living organisms and in the outside world corroborated against the actual programed biological structure of the organisms, not to cause decay but to refine the living organisms into not only a more superior of the same genre but into another specious, it suggests that in a mere two hundred million years the primitive Cambrian creatures emerge into dinosaurs. In reality case studies have proved the exact contrary to this notion and mutants have always proved to be weaker and more prone to degeneration. more so is the transmutation into another species which even with todays technology and advance genetics science has not been achieved even under controlled lab. conditions. Survivor of this line of thought would resemble more the Adams family than the human race.
One of the characteristics of good science is the admission of ignorance, this would not only leaves the door open for the further flux of information and submission to the more superior knowledge not yet available to us. An endeavour to build a definitive scientific case based on highly speculative and inconclusive evidence contrary to the observed natural processes is certainly bad science.
The daunting complexity of the world around us from each speckle of dust to the most colossal celestial objects must be a good reason for humbling our arrogance and ignorance in understanding the world around us, the scientific community is far better served by not delving into totally abstract and strange world with very little to work with and trying to build a case from it much to its embarrassment and disservice to it followers only for the sake of explaining that which is not understood and not understandable. the Agnosts position is that of rational, logical, realistic and even the most scientific.(back to list)
Go getter the big loser
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